Photos showcase the evolution of military gear from 11th – 21st century


War is eternal – Thom Atkinson’s painstakingly recreated work gives a profound meaning to the grim statement. The photographer’s ‘Soldiers Inventories’ series covers around a 1,000 years of military equipment from Britain, with the fascinating photos showcasing a myriad of authentic gears – ranging from the ones used in the momentous Battle of Hastings in 1066 to the present day tech-fueled accessories carried by soldiers in 2014.

On closer inspection, a startling revelation comes out to the surface – many of the basic items like the spoons and the cups have not changed that much over the course of the millennium. Of course, many of weapons and armaments have dramatically evolved, with axes giving way to muskets and finally automatic rifles, while the heavy chain-mails have morphed into efficient bulletproof vests.

And, in case the purist side of you is a tad skeptical, all of these military gears and contraptions have been have been furnished with the dedicated aid of historians, re-enactors, antique collectors and even real soldiers.

Huscarl gear, Battle of Hastings (1066 AD)


Mounted Knight gear, Siege of Jerusalem (1244 AD)


Longbowman gear, Battle of Agincourt (1415 AD)


Yorkist man-at-arms gear, Battle of Bosworth Field (1485 AD)


Caliverman gear, Tilbury (1588 AD)


New Model Army musketeer gear, Battle of Naseby (1645 AD)


Private Sentinel gear, Battle of Malplaquet (1709 AD)


Private Soldier gear, Battle of Waterloo (1815 AD)


Rifle Brigade gear, Battle of Alma (1854 AD)


Private Soldier gear, Battle of the Somme (1916)


Parachute Regiment gear, Battle of Arnhem (1944)


Royal Marine Commando gear, Falklands War (1982)


Royal Engineers gear (2014)


Source: Telegraph

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