Know Your Past: 4 Best Degrees for Lovers of History


A degree in history is the obvious choice for history lovers, but there are actually plenty of other degrees a person who loves the topic can pursue as well. These range from specializations within the field of history to focuses on a specific time period to other disciplines that have a strong historical component. Below are just a few of the majors a history buff can pursue.

1) Medieval Studies

From Old Norse to early modern times, medieval studies encompasses around 1,000 years of historical change, and while most programs primarily concentrate on Europe, some draw on material from other cultures that shaped European thought at the time such as the Middle East.

Medieval studies programs are usually interdisciplinary, and this means they may combine history with literature, religion, languages, philosophy, art and more. This means that a medieval studies major may end up translating passages of Old English literature, studying the excavation of a 1,200-year-old monastery or learning about military tactics of Muslim armies that conquered areas of medieval Europe.

2) Classics

Classics is another interdisciplinary field, and it focuses on the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. A classics major may involve learning Latin or Ancient Greek as well as studying literature, archaeology, art, philosophy and more alongside history.

3) Military History

A degree in military history provides an excellent perspective on contemporary conflicts and their origins as well as a strong sense of military theory. People studying military history can go on to pursue an online master’s in military history as well. This level involves examining the many different factors that result in military conflict including culture and economics. By examining military conflicts throughout history and throughout the world, students get a broad sense of the many tactics available to and employed by leaders today.

4) English

While this may come as a surprise, for people who love literature as much as they love the past, a major in English can be an excellent choice. While an undergraduate degree provides a generalist overview of literature, it is possible to concentrate many classes on a particular time period such as 18th- or 19th-century literature or medieval literature.

Conclusion –

Studying history provides an excellent context for understanding the world of the past and the present. There are many career paths available for people who study history or a related field, and these include museum work, teaching, journalism, law and politics. It is a versatile area of study that produces graduates with strong skills in writing, analysis and critical thinking.

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  1. Daniel Zbytek | June 2, 2017 at 1:13 am |

    In medieval studies there is lack of genome and climatic studies which I crucial for our knowledge of migration, cultural influences and creation of new religions/ideology still valid for our times

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