Timelapse animation presents the history of Europe from 3650 BC to 2016 AD

timelapse-animation-history-europe-3650-bc-2016-adDrawing by Vilius Petrauskas.

Previously we had talked about the changing fortunes of the ancient Roman realm from its kingdom years to the empire epoch, as covered by the extensive timelapse video. Well this time around, the scope is made even bigger by YouTuber extraordinaire EmperorTigerstar – with the coverage of entirety of Europe, from its ‘formative’ years in the Bronze Age, all the way through kingdoms of antiquity and middle ages to our modern era.

Now it should be noted that while the video starts off from the 3650 BC mark (corresponding to the early Minoan civilization), due to lack of pertinent conventional knowledge on the geographical domains of various tribal cultures of northern and western Europe in pre-Bronze Age, the timelapse jumps off to 1600 BC – with the flowering of the mighty Mycenaeans. In any case, as a history aficionado, one should check out the numerous details painstakingly put forth by the animation creator, along both the right sidebar and upper-left corner of the timelapse video. In essence, the right sidebar showcases the political entities (and notes), while the upper-left corners documents the contemporary wars and conflicts that played their part in defining such states.

Interestingly enough, the last 2,000 years of European history present an even more dynamic geopolitical scope with the balance of powers being shifted throughout time-frames small and big. For example, while the Roman Empire held its massive sway over most parts the continent in the first centuries of the common era, the Huns joined the fray of dominating the European lands only for a few decades. Similarly cultural combinations led the groundwork for the establishment of future kingdoms and nations, like the Frankish Empire which connected and ‘preserved’ remnants of the Western European realms by the 9th century, ultimately giving birth to states like France, Germany, Italy and (medieval) Burgundy.

Suffice it to say, we are surely impressed with the amount of details provided in this fascinating timelapse video. And in case you are interested in a more ‘simplified’ version of the history of Europe for the past 2,000 years, you can take a gander at this article with video.

Video Source: EmperorTigerstar (YouTube)

Featured Image Credit: Vilius Petrauskas

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  1. SpartaCross | June 6, 2017 at 7:09 pm |

    Why differentiate between “Other Greek States” and “Macedon”?

    And why are the heirs of Alexander the Great (Ptolemy, Seleucos, Antigonos, Lyshimachos and Demetrios) colored to appear as …different civilizations?

    I do not need to go any further, this is inaccurate.

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