Teaching History? 5 Things All Educators Should Know


If you are a history teacher in the current job market, you know that opportunities are in high demand! This article will review five things you should know as a history educator at any level. Implementing these tips into your job search will help you become a more appealing candidate and an even better teacher!

1. Teach Other Subjects

At the middle and high school levels, history falls within the larger subject area of social sciences. This means that most schools are looking for someone to teach history in addition to geography, government, economics, health, driver’s education, and possibly some electives like Associate Student Body and Year Book. Try to get some experience working in these areas to enhance your resume and your role as a general asset to schools.

2. College and Adult Classes

Here are some reasons to consider adding this to your career:
It is a great way to support your teaching salary.
You get to specialize in whatever area of history you love most.
You have more academic freedom.
All you need is a master’s degree to teach part-time at community colleges and even some universities.
You may get to work in some other areas of education, such as research.

3. Utilize Online Education

If the last point about teaching college interested you, but you are not sure you have the time to earn another degree, consider doing it online. There are a lot of online programs that have already built up a great reputation, and the online format makes it much easier to fit into a teacher’s schedule. This is especially great if you want to specialize in an area and stay current with the field. Military history is a particularly relevant arena right now that employers look for a background in, and many well-known and trusted programs offer military history degrees online.

4. Professional Development

Showing that you have a personal interest and investment in your subject is always a highlight that employers look for. And if you do have a personal interest in your subject, it is fun to pursue that outside of the classroom! Join the historical society for your community, or become a member of a history professional’s organization.

5. Personal Investment

Another quality employers seek is a personal investment in student success. No matter what grade level you teach, or whether you are looking for a new job or to excel at your current one, show that you are concerned about the overall well being of your students. Express an interest in coaching, advising a club, or being a mentor.

Being a history teacher is a challenging and rewarding job! Whether you are just starting out, looking for a change, or simply want to take your life as an educator to the next level, following the guidelines in this article will get you there.

The guest post was written by Lizzie Weakley. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.