A plethora of fascinating frescoes discovered at Pompeii

Over the past weeks, Pompeii has featured quite frequently in the archaeological news, with the recent excavations uncovering poignant child victims and racehorses claimed by Vesuvius to the finding of specific Roman dwellings with balconies. Well, this time around, we are witness to yet another marvel of this ancient Roman city, in the form of fascinating frescoes that had been uncovered for the first time since 270 years (when Pompeii was rediscovered).

The excavation project was focused on the Regio V, the northeastern section of the archaeological park that still retains its fair share of mysteries due to relative archaeological inactivity (at the specific site) for the last 50 years. But fortunately for the current batch of researchers, the bevy of frescoes was uncovered from inside the House of Dolphins – which was found just a few days after the aforementioned residences with balconies.

Having the features of a typical domus, the House of Dolphins probably belonged to an upper-class Roman in ancient Pompeii. And while the name is inspired by many of its marine-themed frescoes, the domus also boasts its fair share of depictions of birds and animals, including a peacock, a partridge, a parrot, a deer and even a few mythical creatures. And interestingly enough, while many of the paintings showcase their characteristic ‘Pompeii red’, some of the reddish hues might have been derived from the original yellow tint reacting with the gaseous elements released from the catastrophic eruption of the Vesuvius.

Source: TheLocal

All Images Credit: Sergio Siano/Archaeological site of Pompeii.