Timelapse animation ‘pinpoints’ over 1000 of historical battles mentioned in the Wikipedia


The episodes of war and human conflicts are persistent when it comes to the rich tapestry of history. In essence, irrespective of warrior cultures and war-mongering factions, battles have always been ‘global’ in nature – fought across the entire length and breadth of our world. The ‘data-mining’ inspired animation concocted by YouTuber Cottereau tries its best to present this globalized scale of human conflicts, by focusing on ALL the battles mentioned in Wikipedia.

Now it should be noted that given Wikipedia’s dependence on user-driven data (as opposed to academic categorizations), the battles and military encounters shown in the animation tends to be far more skewed towards the European realms – because of the higher number of Eurocentric users of the encyclopedia platform. In spite of this unintentional predisposition, the equitable animation does provide an estimate of the blatant numbers when it comes to the various degrees of conflicts – a rather persistent feature in human history.


Talking of Europe, its history, like other continents, for over the last 2,400 years pertains to a fascinating and rather multifarious geopolitical scope with the balance of powers shifting throughout time-frames small and big. And while this dynamic scope can be (to some degree) objectively represented through the territorial changes of the numerous empires, kingdoms, and realms, the political side of the historical ‘equation’ was symbolically achieved under the name of the rulers, leaders, and generals of these nations.

So in case one is interested, the following time-lapse animation, which is another incredible project from Cottereau, aptly presents such a string of fascinating events mirrored by the ever-changing geographical extent, while being associated with their ever powerful rulers, ranging from the ancient Roman emperors to the Enlightened Despots of the 18th century.


Video Source: Cottereau (YouTube)