Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome to be made accessible to public

Rather than a single temple, the Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome (in what constituted ancient Campus Martius) is a part of a square that comprises four Roman temples (originally) from the Republican era along with a section of Pompey’s Theater. The latter is known as the assassination spot of Julius Caesar. And now, according to Virginia Raggi, current Mayor of Rome, the archaeological area with its fair share of historical legacy will be made accessible to the public, in a collaborative effort also involving fashion house Bulgari.

Of the few monuments within the perimeter of this small square, Temple B (reconstructed above in the GIF) is arguably the most famous. The circular structure (tholus) with its arrangement of six columns, was possibly built in circa 101 BC, under the patronage of Quintus Lutatius Catulus (a consul of the Roman Republic), after the Roman victory over the Cimbri, at the Battle of Vercellae. The temple was later converted into a church but was accidentally demolished in the early 20th century.

The site of Largo di Torre Argentina, presently known for its legion of stray cats, has been partly worn down by the rigors of time and weather. However, this 800,000 euro project will look forth to refurbish the zone, with the endeavor expected to be completed by 2021. In that note, it should also be mentioned that Bulgari also played their crucial collaborative role in the renovation of the renowned Spanish Steps in 2016.

Source: ANSA

All Image Credits: Repubblica

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