Animation Showcases The 100 Largest Empires In History


YouTuber Cottereau has covered a wealth of fascinating historical subject matter ranging from the global battles, most successful generals, to timelapse of European kings and rulers. This time around, the focus is once again on historical geopolitics, with the incredible subject entailing the 100 largest empires of the world. According to the YouTuber, his data is mostly based on Size and Duration of Empires: Growth-Decline Curves, 600 B.C. to 600 A.D, a social science study by Rein Taagepera from 1979. 


In the YouTuber’s own words –

I updated Rein Taagepera‘s list because : 

– I drew the shapes of the countries on Google map and sometimes found different results from Taagepera’s

– I added some empires. For example, I added the United States in its XIXth century form, when it had a colonial empire consisting of the Philippines, Guam, Samoa, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama. I would not have classified the USA as an empire today.

Now considering the sheer scale of this representation, there are bound to be some ‘misses’. From the historical perspective, we can perceive the exclusion of the Napoleonic Empire (also known as the First French Empire) that existed for a short period of barely over a decade, from 1804 – 1815. On the other hand, we certainly appreciate the effort that entails the geopolitical scope of hundred polities that made their mark in the annals of history through cultural, military, linguistic, and commercial means.

Thanks, Cottereau

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