About Us

Starting out in late 2015, Realm of History was founded by me – Dattatreya Mandal, ex-editor and writer for various online architectural and technology digests. With my degree in Architecture (Bachelor of Architecture), my fascination however always gravitated toward the subject of the History of Architecture. Over time, the strong interest evolved into a genuine appreciation for the subject of History as a whole.

Thus Realm of History was conceived, borne by the purpose of presenting a detailed assessment of historical subject matter – as could be discerned from our relatively popular You Should Know series of articles. Given my connection to the architectural field, we also have a host of posts that cover the reconstruction of lost and magnificent ancient structures (along with recreations of historical figures). Added to that, we do take pride in our unbiased and pro-science reporting and presentation of historical events (check our Media Bias Fact Check entry), as opposed to politically-inspired narratives often found in many present-day history websites and media.

In essence, the Realm of History is intended as an online compendium dedicated entirely to the fascinating study of history (and just history). Our aim is to celebrate the extraordinary human triumphs, unravel the myriad of mysteries and scrutinize the major failures – all noted in the annals of history. After all, the destiny of humankind’s future endeavors is guided by the workings of our past.